We specialise in post-anthropocentric work that takes the posthuman as the starting point. Show us your projected posthuman ontologies, consciousness beyond identity and without labels or limits; steep us in posthuman universes that reveal to us a world of posthuman possibility, that incorporates a relationality with the planet and all living beings, and that dismantles the human construct by opening up new vistas of becoming.

We want to see work that takes risks and isn't limited to genre. Whether it's visionary and transcendental, written with an experimental poetics, hybrid texts that subvert content and form, or anything that attempts to transcend boundaries.

Literature, poetry, creative non-fiction all accepted.

**Please note: our goal is to bring the posthuman out of the academic field and to the general reader. This means that submissions don't necessarily need to be creative, they could simply be more accessible and direct as opposed to academic.

**Please send a book proposal with synopsis, bio, and a short sample of your manuscript to:

Books of Substance Series

In addition to publishing posthuman texts, we'll also be offering a series of books dedicated to giving greater preference to substance. We'll leave the meaning of substance open, but know that we do not equate substance to style. Far too many presses publish work that is mere entertainment, or that privileges mood, language, experimentation, subversiveness, form and style with little to no depth. We aim to counteract this imbalance.

For examples of what we mean by substance, I've compiled a document below with extracts from books of substance that we enjoy. But basically it could mean works with a lot of insight; poetic metaphysical abstractions; ontological depth;  spiritual/mystical; emotional intelligence; vulnerability; autotheory; or meaning either suggested or running parallel with the text, etc. It will still need to be well written, but the emphasis will be on substance. We also care less about style and more about voice. For non-fiction, for example, we do not want to see prose written in a generic academese, but creatively in your own voice.

This series will publish new work as well as reprint or translate older work that fits the description.

As always, do read what we publish to familiarise yourselves with the kinds of work we're after.

**We desperately seek those who are willing to face life at all costs, who bare themselves open with bravery and honesty, and aren't afraid to tackle life's most painful aspects or delve into the depths of what it means to be alive. We are also after those who illuminate and extract meaning from everything that crosses their path, or who simply nourish us with a little more depth than the norm by bringing substance to the fore. If this is you, please submit a book proposal with synopsis, bio, and a short sample of your manuscript to:
**Please also indicate which category you're submitting to in the subject line/body of your e-mail. Overlaps with both categories are especially encouraged.

The samples of books with substance can be found here.